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Become a foot beauty!

Become a foot beauty today! –

  • We now only accept NEW photo sets shot specially for the website. Must be of decent quality.
  • Shoot a photo set of a minimum of 8 photos for us that will be showcased in our Photos section, with a free download of the set. We make NO money from your photos.
  • Please leave photos without a watermark (your username etc) as we custom build your name and social username/website etc into our logo for the photo. The photos are still yours so feel free to post the set to your social media etc with your own watermark on your copies but please add ‘shot for Foot Beauties’ on the pic or in description if you do so.
  • Please contact us using the form below first and introduce yourself along with your correct AGE (must be over 18) and any links you would like displayed.
  • Send us some photos using the form below in a .ZIP file so we can see your feet first and the photo set you shoot for us will be discussed during contact. If you have a social media or website feel free to just direct us there to see photos.

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Send us your photos in a .ZIP file to be featured on the site